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"What is Kiids Rool?"

Kiids Rool is an educational forum site, that gives children the opportunity to speak on the issues that surround them and affect their everyday lives.  Education never ends, it's an ongoing process and Kiids Rool is dedicated to presenting these issues to kiids in every country, in a safe environment, then allowing them to voice their opinions and/or concerns.  Our kiids thoughts and voices often go unheard and sometimes ignored because they may not be viewed as important.  Kiids Rool is here to change that perception and show how important kiids voices really are!
Issues will range from friendships and family, to cell phones and curfews.  This world belongs to the kiids and that's why we insist that Kiids Rool. The topics will be endless and the experience will be positive:

  • Great articles
  • Tips & Advice
  • Open Forums
  • Make friends
  • Contests
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  • Games
  • Submit your articles and get posted!
  • and much more like...

Educating & Listening

As kiids, you're always thinking.  You probably have a million questions on tons of different subjects.  Kiids Rool will give you the chance to ask those questions and get feedback from kiids your age. 

There won't be parents answering your questions or responding to your comments.  It will be kiids just like you who share your same thoughts and concerns.  You'll be surprised how many of your peers share the same concerns or have the questions as you but didn't have the forum or place to ask them.

Well, Kiids Rool is here to change that!

Kiids Rool will offer resources and links so that you get the information you need to help with any issues or concerns that you may have...and if you don't see the link that you're looking for, just let us know and we will provide it to you.

"If you can dream it, you can do it"
~Walt Disney

Participate in an open forum

The amazing thing about Kiids Rool, is that it's just for kiids. The talk and topics are created by you or kids just like you who want to talk about the same ideas that you may have. In our forum, you can create or start a topic and invite all of your friends to join in! Keep in mind that anyone who visits Kiids Rool can read what's going on in our forum but you must be a member to write your comments or start your own forum.


We invite you to share your story!

Kiids Rool is always looking for uplifting and inspirational stories to share with our members, so if you know of one, feel free to share it with us. We'd love to publish it for everyone to read. If you have questions that you would like answered by other kiids, we'll post them together with the responses other kiids submit.

Send your stories or requests with to:                         kiidsrool@att.net


Kiids Making News

Youth FX is a film making experience for inner city kids. It gives

them a way to inspire and empower young people. the kiids are

able to write, shoot and even produce flms. Recently, they

showed their work on the big screen, proving if given the

opportunity, they will deliver.


Bhawin Suchak, the Youth FX Director says, "It's empowering to

have control and see your ideas come to fruition". The films are

a result of a six week experience. Kiids 14-17 brain stormed for

ideas then wrote, filmed and acted in the movies.



These girls are probably the youngest scientists of all time, but decide for yourself!

Meet Rebecca and Kimberly Yeung, two sisters from Seattle, Wash. Rebecca is 12 years old and Kimberly is 10 years old. These young kiids  built a homemade spacecraft by themselves, at home in the garage. They say it’s a very important summer project for 2017. They name their project, "Loki Lego Launcher, after their late pet cat. This is our third spacecraft, we’ve already launched twice, Rebecca said.” 

The girls are preparing to launch in Wyoming to be in the path of total solar eclipse on August 21st. Using their spacecraft, they plan to capture images and data for NASA. Kimberly, only 10 years old, designed the launcher, and says, “They hope to capture footage of the moon’s shadow over the Earth during the eclipse.” She’s only 10 years old! TRULY AMAZING!

They’re scheduled to launch five spacecraft, designed to carry samples of bacteria which they expect will provide valuable data from the earth’s stratosphere. NASA is eager to receive the collected data and photos. Kiids Rool invites you to read the entire article on the Celebrity page, under "Kool Kiids Korner"

Be sure to visit the **KOOL KIIDS KORNER** on the Celebrity page and see the impressive childhood celebrities!

Kiids of Rural Franklin County, Mississippi are Crowned State Chess Champions

Chess has been around for 1,500 years but until a couple of summers ago, the game was little known to folks of Franklin County, Mississippi. The arrival of a tall stranger from Memphis, Dr, Jeff Bulington changed this image. Dr. Bulington started teaching chess to the kids of Franklin County and it became a new subject at school, and the talk of the County. As the Kiids made progress playing chess, their general performance in school progressed, including their grades. One high school competitor gazed at the young Franklin Kiids and said, “This is going to be easy pickings,” but he was quickly defeated. Franklin County grade schoolers outplayed high schoolers to become state chess champions. Their story was featured by the award winning TV program, “60 Minutes.” The Kiids of Franklin are examples of what Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Franklin County Kiids did it!


A 12-year-old girl from Mississippi helps bring her baby brother into the world. Frightened almost to death but her mom couldn't have done it without her and her brother will eventually say thanks to!

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