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Our Mission at Kiids Rool
The mission of Kiids Rool is to provide a safe, secure and entertaining vehicle for pre-teens and young adolescents to voice their concerns about media images, world views, politics and other issues that are extremely important to young people.  In corroboration with parents, media entities and other stakeholders involved with the development of well-rounded, productive and contributing members of society, Kiids Rool will strive to maintain a platform for children to dialogue with their peers and be a voice for the future leaders of the free world.


We understand 

Kiids Rool understands that parents have concerns when it comes to their children.  We want to know where our kids are and what they're doing and make sure that they're in a safe environment and well protected at all times.  Kiids Rool is determined to maintain a clean, safe and secure website that will allow parents to know that their children are at no risk when they visit kiidsrool.com. 

We welcome parents to visit our pages and view our content to reassure them that Kiids Rool will only provide well screened information and relevant issues that our children want to hear about and discuss.  At no time will Kiids Rool endorse or tolerate profanity, vulgarity or obscenities of any kind. 

Kiids Rool was created by a family of educators who were concerned about the content available to our children over the internet. We understood that children needed a place to go where they feel safe and they have an opportunity to talk amongst other kids their age about everyday events in their lives.  Kiids Rool provides that opportunity. 

At Kiids Rool, we understand that education doesn't have to end at school.

Kiids Rool Pages

Some of the pages you'll find inside Kiid Rool:

  • Kiids World - Includes topics of the day and important issues in the news. Statistics, videos and polls will also be included.
  • School - Includes issues that affect our kids everyday at school.  Tips, advice and feedback from kids will be a primary focus.
  • Family - Includes ideas and points on how to get the most enjoyment out of your family.  Listening, educating and discussions will be the focal point.
  • Kiids Feelings - Includes tips on how to handle the ever-changing emotions that children feel.  Examples, tips and resources will be provided for kids who need assistance.
  • The Internet - Includes tips on how to be safe while using the internet.  Advice on how to protect yourself and your privacy and the do's and don'ts about being online will be discussed.
  • Celebrities - Includes information about the celebrities that our kids are talking about the most.  Videos, bios and discussions will be included.
  • Kiids News - Features articles about kiids who have presented themselves in special ways that are highly regarded in their community and even the world.
  • Playground - Includes games that will require a little brain power.  Puzzles, trivia and contests will be some of content included.
  • Open Forum - Includes an open forum where kids can post their questions and responses along with stories or essays that they would like to share.  Regular contests and topics of discussion will be a focal point.


Dear Parents,

We offer the kids a chance to contact us with questions or concerns but we'd also like to offer you the same.

So, if you have any questions or concerns regarding kiidsrool.com or any of the content involved, please don't hesitate to drop us an email and we'll be sure to address it right away!

Kiids Rool is designed to be 'kid friendly' and exclusively for the kids but we totally understand when you have questions, concerns and even suggestions and we welcome your input.

email us at: kiidsrool@att.net 

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