Young Celebrities 

Be on the lookout for these rising teen stars who are making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. They are gifted with such natural talent as future stars and have a great opportunity to entertain us for many years to come. With their fresh look and brilliant talents, they are ready to make their mark. Teenage celebrities are all over the industry. The following celebrities began their career at an early age and eager for more. They may be young, but the media is focusing their attention upon them as they climb the ladder of fame.


Elha Mae Nympha


Elha Mae Nympha born in Manila, Philippines, is a 12 year old singer who won the second season of The Voice Kids in 2015. She started singing at the age of 3 and started joining a school competition at the age of 7, where she won a rotary competition on Amaranth in February 18, 2014.  At the age of 10, she auditioned to “The Voice Kids” and won the title as the “Grand Champion.”  In 2017, Elha was discovered by talent scouts representing the Famed TV show, “Little Bigshots, a children’s comedy variety program, and following her debut singing performance, became an instant singing sensation, heard the world over. Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey are co-executive producers of the show.  A Star Is Born

Congratulations Ananya Vinay!

Congratulations to 12 year old Ananya Vinay of Fresno, California, the newest champion of the 90th Scripps National Spelling Bee. At 11:30 p.m. following a marathon competition, confetti rained down and a new spelling champion emerged. Ananya's winning word was "marocain." Other words included in the competition were: Heiligenschein, Durchkomponiert, Sceloporus, Pterygoideus, Mollienisia, Cinerarium, and Hesychast. Are there any volunteers to compete with Ananya? It's ok to be honest: No way! Ananya is an avid reader, and enjoys cheering for the Golden State Warriors Basketball team. She was recently a featured guest on the "Jimmy Kimmel Live Show," and went head-to-head with Kimmel himself in the shows famed "War of Words" competition that resulted in a 1-1 tie. Once again, Congratulations to Ananya, the new Superstar Spelling Bee Champ!



Meet two very smart sisters Rebecca Yeung 12 years old and Kimberly Yeung 10 years old of Seattle, Wash. These two young ladies built a homemade spacecraft themselves, at home in the garage. It’s a very important summer project for 2017.

They call their project, "Loki Lego Launcher, named after their late pet cat. This is their third spacecraft, we’ve already launched twice, Rebecca said.” During the first launch the balloon went up to 78,000 feet, the girls said. A second launch cleared 101,000 feet, which clearly says, they’re becoming more proficient with each new launch.

The girls are preparing to launch in Wyoming to be in the path of total solar eclipse. They will use their spacecraft to capture images and data for NASA. Kimberly, only 10 years old, designed the launcher, and says, “They hope to capture footage of the moon’s shadow over the Earth during the eclipse.” She’s only 10 years old!

They’re scheduled to launch five spacecraft designed to carry samples of bacteria which they expect will provide valuable data from the earth’s stratosphere. NASA is eager to receive the collected data and photos.

Their launcher is geared with a solar panel, a flight computer and a GoPro camera, which has yielded successful results in previous launches. Rebecca says, "The launcher also includes a GPS device, which tracks latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, direction, and then we also monitor temperature which varies with different layers of the atmosphere, pressure, voltage currents and power.”

While the girls launch the balloon, their Father will shoot the video, making this a family affair. Back home, they will analyze data, and develop new hypotheses together.

One of the girl’s previous projects caught the attention of the White House, and as a result, they were invited to last year’s White House Science Fair, and a chance of a life meeting with former President, Barack Obama.

These smart young sisters have a great passion for science, and together, they send an inspiring message to young kiids everywhere. Kimberly says, “You’re never too young to reach for the stars, “If we can do it, you can do it to.”

During an exciting interview with Good Morning America, the girls provided details about working with NASA during the Total Eclipse, in conjunction with the University of Montana, especially being the first in one hundred years.

Rebecca, 12 years old and Kimberly 10 years old, built their spacecraft themselves. The craft will carry samples of bacteria which they expect will provide valuable data from the earth’s stratosphere. They will share the data collected and photos with NASA.

When asked about their career plans, Kimberly says she wants to be a Robotic Engineer and Rebecca says she’s undecided. The accomplishments of these young kiids are remarkable and their parents are without a doubt very proud! This article is another example that our kiids are the future nd that future is here and now, even at the tender age of 10 and 12 years old! Kiids Rool

Brendon Garman Saves His Teacher's Life!

          Kiid Hero Saves His Teacher's Life. Poplar Bluff, Mo, 9 year old youngster, Brendon Garman loves Super Heroes but never imagined that he would become one! One day during class, his teacher Ms. Madonna Kenser, of Oak Grove Elementary, suddenly had an asthma attack.  The attack was brought on by an allergic reaction to the fumes of a dry eraser pen. She recalls that all of a sudden her throat began to close. The students were watching, but didn’t know what to do. Ms. tried to get to her desk and her inhaler but was rendered un-conscious. Quick thinking Brendon quickly came to Kenser's rescue. He located her inhaler in her purse and gave it to the groggy teacher and this action saved her life. Brendon says he knew what to do having seen a similar situation in the movie "Are We There Yet." Brendon can be proud of his actions. Today he's become one of the Super Heroes he admires!  By: Holly Brantley

Elspeth "Beanie" Mar Saves Her Classmate From Choking!

Choking causes injury and/or death to six young children every month in the United States! Six-year-old Elspeth “Beanie” Mar was eating lunch with her friends in a Sacramento, Calif.  Elementary school when one of them starting choking. A piece of apple was wedged in classmate Aniyah Rigmaiden’s windpipe. Beanie stood up and calmly went over to Aniyah. She grabbed her from behind and performed the lifesaving Heimlich maneuver on her. Just one thrust is all it took for Aniyah to spit out the apple that had been blocking her airway. What surprised everyone most was Beanie’s self-control while saving her friends life, surprised everyone. Beanie later explained that she had learned the Heimlich maneuver watching a program on the Disney channel. Beanie exhibited great poise as she saved Aniyah’s life. In the eyes of her fellow students, she’s a true friend and Super Hero! Photo by ABC News




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