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Kiids Rool wants all of our members to be successful in school and we understand that, sometimes, you need a little help when it comes to your homework so we've provided some tools that can help you out whenever you get stuck.  Some are tips, some are ideas but all are helpful.
How do you learn best?
Need some help to discover the best individual homework strategies for you? Click on one of the following links and try the interactive exercises.

  1. Achieve Assignment Goals - Try this exercise first to learn the best way to achieve assignment goals.
  2. Good Study Habits - Take this quiz to learn effective habits for effective study.
  3. Become a Master Test Taker - Fill out this exercise to help you establish good habits for taking tests.
  4. Concentrating while Studying - Strategies for keeping your focus to the task at hand. 
  5. Homework Chart - Need your own homework chart? Here's a printable one, just for you!
  6. Studying Methods - Strategies for learning how well you know the material and learning to think about it, rather than just look over it. 
  7. Test Taking Help - Studying, learning and reviewing material before a test.



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