The Internet 

What is the Internet?

An easy way to explain the internet is to think of your school computers all linked together into a network that you can put information into and get information out that you and other people in your school have put in.  Now imagine that a friend from another school wants to use your information and give you some of hers. You both connect your computers to modems that allow your computers to share information. Other networks can connect to yours and to other networks. This is called inter-networking or the internet as it became known.  It is a way of sending information from one computer to another anywhere in the world using phones or satellites, radio links and a lot of other ways.

Always tell your parents or guardian if you see something online that you know is wrong or that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Who invented the internet?

In the 1960s a group of researchers working for the U.S. Government Defense Department invented a computer network that could keep working even if some of the computers were lost or damaged, (like during a war).  Over the next 20 years or so, big businesses, universities and other researchers joined this network until they made a web of networks that were all linked. 
Then most people began using the internet and today there are millions of people all over the world who can use the internet in lots of different ways.


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How do kids use the internet? 

  • Research for projects
  • Games, finding and playing them
  • Surf report and surf sites
  • Downloading music
  • Finding pictures for hobbies, projects and your own interest
  • Looking at friend's websites
  • Email, sending messages and keeping in touch with family
  • Talking to friends through instant messaging
  • Kids site chat rooms
  • Interactive projects at school
  • Looking at school sites
  • Making your own website
  • Social networking sites
  • Blogs


You could get your name on a list and have heaps of adverts sent to you (called 'spam'). If this is happening you ask mom or dad to talk to your service provider and find out how to block unwanted stuff.

Keeping yourself safe on the internet

There are two things that you have to be aware of on the internet.
  1. Keeping your personal details safe.
  2. Being aware that people are not always who they pretend to be.
  3. Never share personal information with strangers.
  4. Never share passwords.
  5. Always THINK and be smart regarding the internet.
  6. Never take, accept or share inappropriate photos on the internet.
  7. Never access sites or apps you should not access!
  8. Know who you are friending online.
  9. Never spend money without parents expressed approval.


You need to take care with email because:
Hackers can access personal email, and if you have personal information that you don't want everyone to know, then don't use email to tell your friend about it.
Don't open files or documents on email unless you recognize the person who sent it. You might get a computer virus from document that comes through email.
Rachel says, "Unless you are sending an email to a friend, don't give any personal information like your real name or address or you could get nasty people sending you nasty emails. Just delete any that are from someone you don't know without opening them."
Georgia says, "Someone sent my sister an email that had a virus in it and it damaged our computer, Dad was mad because he lost some work files."

Chat Rooms
Some sites on the internet are especially for kids and so you should be safe going into their chat rooms.
The only problems are that some of the people may not really be kids, but adults who are not very nice people.
Here are some ideas to keep you safe.
  • Always use a nickname; never use your real name.
  • Never give any personal information like your address, phone number, your family, or even your email address.
  • Don't send close up photos of yourself or where you live.
  • Close the conversation at once if you feel uncomfortable and tell mom or dad about it.
  • Don't post pictures which could embarrass you or your friends.
  • Tell your parents, your school or report to the police if you are being cyber-bullied. 

Never arrange to meet someone you've met online in person without your parents

Approval FIRST!


Kiids Rool says:
The internet is a great way to find and exchange information, talk to friends and have fun, BUT don't spend too much time on there. You need to get out and exercise, play in the fresh air with your friends and spend time with your family. Make sure that you sit on a chair that supports your back and is the right height for you and move around often (even if you are in the middle of a really exciting project!)"

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