Kiids Rool wants to make sure that every kid who visits kiidsrool.com learns about all the important legal stuff. So, here it is. (For adults, the very legal-sounding info is down below.)

Copyright rules
Everything that you see or read on kiidsrool.com is owned by Kiids Rool. That means you can't copy and transmit any of it - even just a little bit - for any reason.

Sometimes we may use info from other places, but only if we've got their permission first. And we'll be sure to say where we got it if we do use it.

You need the same permission from us anytime you want to use something from kiidsrool.com, and if we give you permission, you have to say that it came from kiidsrool.com.

Your Posts
One of the great things about kiidsrool.com is the chance for kids from around the world to add what they're thinking to the site. But if we find something inappropriate, then we have the right to remove it from the site.

Anything you send to us - whether it's an idea, a picture or a suggestion - becomes our property and we won't be able to return it to you. If we post something you send us, only your first name, country and age will be shown, to help keep personal information about you safe. And remember, we might not be able to post or use everything we get.

Make sure you have your parents' permission before sending us anything.

Kiids Rool cannot be held liable for anything that's sent to us. This means that if you send us something or say something on kiidsrool.com about a person or place or thing and it isn't true, we can't be sued or blamed for what you've said, even if we post it. Your parents, not Kiids Rool, would have to pay for a lawyer and all other costs.

Links to other sites
We do our best to make sure that every link we have on the site works and sends you to a safe place on the Internet. But because websites can change so quickly, we can't guarantee the content of where you end up. It's a good idea to check with your parents or teacher before heading off to any new sites.

If you have any questions about any of this, be sure to ask your parents or teacher, before exploring any more of kiidsrool.com.

Now that you know, go ahead and Play Smart, Stay Safe and Have Fun on kiidsrool.com.

Legal information for adults

All material and content, including but not limited to text, sound, images and software on this site are copyrighted by Kiids Rool, its subsidiaries or affiliated companies and/or third party licensors. All rights reserved. kiidsrool.com®, Kiids Rool™ are all trademarks of the Kiids Rool family..

Kiids Rool is not responsible, and shall have no liability, for any messages or materials posted by users of kiidsrool.com. Kiids Rool reserves the right to remove or edit messages or material posted by users of kiidsrool.com to message boards or other areas, in its sole discretion.

Any communication or material you transmit to the Kiids Rool site by electronic mail or otherwise, including any data, questions, comments, suggestions, or the like is, and will be treated as, non-confidential and non-proprietary. Kiids Rool or its affiliates may use anything you transmit or post for any purpose, including, but not limited to, reproduction, disclosure, transmission, publication, broadcast and posting. Furthermore, Kiids Rool is free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques contained in any communication you send to the Kiids Rool site for any purpose whatsoever including, but not limited to, developing, manufacturing and marketing products using such information.

Links to sites outside kiidsrool.com are not endorsed by Kiids Rool and Kiids Rool is not responsible for nor can it be held liable for content of the other sites.



kiidsrool.com privacy policy

Kiids Rool launched in 2010. Kiids Rool is an educational forum site that gives children the opportunity to speak on the issues that surround them and affect their everyday lives. 

Anyone can view kiidsrool.com.  It is free and registration is not required. Some areas of the site, however, are reserved for registered Kiids Rool members.

Kiidsrool.com follows the FTC guidelines for compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and Rule.

Kiids Rool Membership

Who needs to register?
Registration is not required to view kiidsrool.com. Registering as a Kiids Rool member is only required for kids who want to use the additional services within kiidsrool.com. Kiidsrool.com does not require, as part of participation, any Kiids Rool member to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary for them to participate in an activity. A membership is available. This paid membership provides kids with even more content and activity access.

What info is collected?
Kiidsrool.com is not permitted to collect more personal information than is reasonably necessary to permit a child to participate in activities on the site.

When a visitor to kiidsrool.com wants to post something on the site (like on our monitored message boards or essay contests), we ask kids to provide info that is not personally identifiable (first name only, age and the country they live in). This information is included with their posted content and not used for any other purposes. All postings to kiidsrool.com are screened by adult staff members before appearing on the site to help ensure children's online safety and privacy. Users are not allowed to post any personally identifiable information.

When a kid wants to become a registered member of Kiids Rool, we ask for the following information:

  • Child's first name and screen name
  • Child's date of birth
  • Child's gender
  • Child's country
  • His or Her e-mail address

This information is requested regardless of the age of the child.

Kiidsrool.com uses this information to create and maintain separate member registration records for each child. E-mail addresses are used to communicate with kiids rool members about activities on the site and other features. Date of birth, gender, city state, zip code and country are collected to help us develop the most appropriate content for our visitors.

We encourage parents to be involved with all of their child's online activities.

On the page where a kid can update a kid's registration information, kids can voluntarily indicate how they learned of kiidsrool.com by clicking ‘how they heard about us’. We use this information to help guide our efforts to let more kids, parents and teachers know about kiidsrool.com. 

All personal information collected on kiidsrool.com is done so directly from the parent or child. No personal information is collected from users through cookies or other passive means.

Kiidsrool.com may contain links to sites of sponsors and advertisers whose privacy policy and practices are different than our own. It is important for kiidsrool.com visitors to always review a site's privacy policy before releasing any personal information. This includes content and promotions featured on the kiidsrool.com site.

Kiidsrool.com uses every means available to safeguard the personal information of our members and site visitors, including a secure physical location and a protected electronic environment.

What areas on kiidsrool.com require a membership before viewing?

  • Your World - Includes topics of the day and important issues in the news. Statistics, videos and polls will also be included.
  • Your School - Includes issues that affect our kids everyday at school.  Tips, advice and feedback from kids will be a primary focus.
  • Your Parents - Includes ideas and points on how to get the most enjoyment out of your family.  Listening, educating and discussions will be the focal point.
  • Your Feelings - Includes tips on how to handle the ever-changing emotions that children feel.  Examples, tips and resources will be provided for kids who need assistance.
  • The Internet - Includes tips on how to be safe while using the internet.  Advice on how to protect yourself and your privacy and the do's and don'ts about being online will be discussed.
  • Celebrities - Includes information about the celebrities that our kids are talking about the most.  Videos, bios and discussions will be included.
  • Playground - Includes games that will require a little brain power.  Puzzles, trivia and contests will be some of content included.
  • Open Forum - Includes an open forum where kids can post their questions and responses along with stories or essays that they would like to share.  Regular contests and topics of discussion will be a focal point.


Does kiidsrool.com share registration information?

Kiidsrool.com is seeking out partners with content that offers families wholesome fun for their kids, as well as an opportunity to do good in the real world.

In doing so, Kiids Rool will never share your personal information with any affiliates for any reason.


What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small file that Web sites place on your computer to keep track of some information. On kiidsrool.com, cookies do not store any personally identifiable information about you. You do not have to accept the cookies. In most cases, everything will work fine (just a little slower) if you do not accept the cookies.

Where are cookies used on kiidsrool.com?
Cookies are used in two ways on kiidsrool.com. Kiidsrool.com only uses cookies with registered Kiids Rool members and does so only to improve the site functionality for registered Kiids Rool members where it is necessary to complete a particular activity. First, cookies are used to keep log-in information in some areas so that registered users can access the site faster. These cookies contain a unique ID number so you can get into areas faster, instead of waiting for our computer to sort through all the different people in our records. These cookies do not track any of your other online activities and do not contain any personally identifiable information. These cookies expire after a certain amount of time and delete themselves from your computer.

Some of our advertisers may use cookies on our site. kiidsrool.com requires those partners to be in full compliance with federal guidelines for children's online safety and privacy. Those cookies cannot be used to collect any personal information from our users.

How can I update and delete info?
Kiids Rool members can view, correct, update and delete personal information provided in the Kiids Rool registration process at any time. You will need the registered member’s first name, screen name, date of birth and password. Visit the member registration page for more information.

You can prevent further collection or use of your personal information by deleting your registration on the Kiids Rool registration update page or by unsubscribing to our annual newsletter.

Unsubscribe by following the directions contained in the newsletter.


Who can I contact if I have more questions?
If you have any additional questions or concerns about kiidsrool.com, please contact the kiidsrool.com staff. You can e-mail us at  kiidsrool@att.net.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines the information usage practices of kiidsrool.com. By accessing, browsing or using this Web site or by submitting your personal information to kiidsrool.com, you signify your agreement to the terms and conditions of this policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not submit your personal information to us. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Policy at any time. If at some point in the future, there is a material change to our information usage practices that affects your personal information, you will be notified of such change by a conspicuous posting on the Web site. Depending on the changes made, you may be unable to utilize a kiidsrool.com service or Web site if you choose not to agree to a modification to this Privacy Policy. Your acceptance of a revised policy, which may be through an opt-in or opt-out mechanism following the effective date of any changes to this Privacy Policy shall mean that you have accepted those changes, subject to your continuing right to notify us at any time as to how you would like us to treat your personal information.

Kiidsrool.com is published by The Kiids Rool Family. All Rights Reserved..

Effective date: November 17, 2010



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