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Congratulations to Nykeisha Jenkins on her winning essay.  Nykeisha attends University Community Academy and her essay titled, ‘Facebook Drama’ was selected as Kiids Rool’s Essay contest winner! 

        Awesome job Nykeisha!




    *honorable mention

               Keyah Burson


Facebook Drama

Facebook is a social network where you can connect with friends and family. 

You can post your status and upload and comment on pictures.  Facebook is

 not all good; there are bad points about it and it all starts with ‘Facebook drama’.



Facebook drama (cyber bullying), in my opinion, is the worst kind of drama. 

Any type of cyber bullying is bad.  I’ve experience it myself and I didn’t like it. 

Cyber bullying can lead to a lot of bad experiences when you post things about

one another and don’t realize how much it may hurt that person.  It can cause

somebody to hurt themselves or become depressed.  It’s very dangerous.


Cyber bullying is never good because people can get hurt mentally and physically.  Some

people think cyber bullying is funny, but it’s not.  They never see how it affects the person

being bullied. Eventually, the bully may begin to feel guilty and want to apologize, but by

then it could be too late because the person being bullied may have already done

something that he/she will regret.


The main reason behind ‘Facebook drama’ is gossip.  Gossip is also the reason for a lot

of the fights that happen in school too and parents and teachers don’t understand that. 

Gossip is never fun to participate in or be the subject of but unfortunately, it can’t be

stopped. You can’t control what people say about you but you can learn to understand

and cope with it. 


In the end, I’m trying to say that Facebook doesn’t have to be about drama.  You can

have a positive Facebook page with positive things to post.  Stay away from cyber bullies

and ‘Facebook drama’.


Nykeisha Jenkins

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